With corporate headquarters in Peoria, IL and regional offices in Chicago, IL and St. Louis, MO, the strategic locations of Cullinan Properties allow us to offer a number of services in order to effectively manage and lease our projects.

Finance / Accounting

Cullinan’s finance & accounting department is responsible for administering the company’s fiscal affairs in accordance with all applicable guidelines. The team, consisting of a chief investment officer, chief financial officer, controller, financial analysts and a qualified team of accounting personnel manages the annual budget and advises management on all aspects of financial planning and debt management. In addition, they are responsible for collection and disbursement of all funds and implementation of effective internal control systems. The accounting team maintains the company’s financial records and provides management with monthly financial reports and project accounting.

Asset Management

Our property management team self manages properties totaling over 6 million SF, and oversees all aspects of each real estate asset. We are always exploring ways to increase the value of all managed properties, and believe the success of our managed properties ultimately depends on the success of our tenants. We continuously meet with tenants, suppliers and industry leaders to ensure our properties benefit from the latest and most innovative programs and products.

Development & Tenant Coordination

Our development and tenant coordination team serves as liaison, facilitating the coordination of all facets of the project to assist in getting you ready to open for business in a timely manner, while maintaining the consistency of the overall project. We perform due diligence activities as appropriate and coordinate with zoning, planning commissions and municipalities as needed, while negotiating contracts with architects, general contractors and subcontractors. Our main focus is maintaining the quality of the property by reviewing the tenant design from an aesthetic as well as functional basis.

Leasing & Sales

Our leasing and sales team handles all aspects of complementary new tenant generation — from identifying prospective tenants and making the initial contact, to negotiating and closing the deal. Members of the team generate all proposals and materials and work with national and regional brokers for each of the mixed-use properties with both in-line and outparcel transactions. Before lease finalization, our leasing agents work with the Development and Tenant Coordination team to satisfy space layout requests and re-configurations, complete lease outline drawings and revise lease and site plans for the new tenant.


Our marketing team is responsible for the marketing and communications for all new developments and operating properties. We target our campaigns to serve the unique needs of each property. By understanding our projects and our markets, our team designs marketing and communications campaigns to strengthen the efforts of the leasing team and position our projects beneficially. The marketing team also coordinates advertising, promotion, special events, media planning and placement, community and public relations, leasing support and market research.